AMG Structures

AMG Structures Shell Construction

AMG Structures uses only the most efficient methods for scheduling, building, and OSHA safety. We will make sure that your shell project is not only beautiful but also level, square and plumb. There is nothing more frustrating than having to pay more for flooring because your shell isn’t true.

We ensure that every step of the construction process, from slabs to tie beams and roof trusses to be completed with great care and attention to detail. A solid foundation is a key to building a home that lasts for generations. Contact AMG Structures today to get a shell project that will last a lifetime.

Click HERE to contact a representative or call 561-696-722 to discuss how we can help you build a foundation for the future.

This process used by AMG Structures is a reputable shell contractor that can complete your build. We have years of experience in exterior building and can help you with any questions. We also know how important it is to maintain a schedule and a budget. Call us today to find out more.